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NOT RECEIVING AUCTION ALERTS? If you recently texted STOP but want to start receiving bidding alerts again, please text the keyword (e.g., "LEACHMAN" or "DONORS") of your chosen auction to 76278. You should receive a text response right away.

Auction Events

February 20

Closes at 7:00 PM CT
ABS Limited Availability Sale
Madison, WI, USA Text “ABS” to 76278

February 23

Closes at 5:00 PM CT
Circle B Ranchers Bull Sale
Albion, NE 68620, USA Text “CIRCLEB” to 76278
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February 25

Closes at 7:30 PM CT
Streamline Genetics
Monticello, IN 47960, USA Text “STREAMLINE” to 76278

March 4

Closes at 7:00 PM CT
Christensen Genetics Custom ET Pregnancy Sale
Weston, ID 83286, USA Text “CGF” to 76278

March 5

Closes at 7:00 PM CT
The Red Carpet Frozen Genetic Sale
Houston, TX, USA

March 6

Closes at 7:00 PM CT
Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch – Friday Night Lights Frozen Genetics Sale
Houston, Texas

There are currently no auction events that match the selected category. Please check back soon!

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